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Chuck-eez - the power lubricant

Keeping your power chucks safe and in good condition isn't difficult thanks to Chuck-eez®.

In field tests it has been proven that 98%* of all power chuck performance problems are related to and associated with poor and/or infrequent lubrication.

Although there are other greases and lubricants on the market (mainly lithium- or calcium-based) - these have not been designed specifically for power chucks and as a consequence do not provide the performance benefits and guarantees of Chuck-eez®.

Chuck-eez® is a heavy-duty lubricant designed specifically to maintain the performance and clamping pressure of power chucks.

Chuck-eez® contains a high percentage of Molybdenum Di-sulphide and this helps reduce unwanted seizing, galling and wear. It also prevents the loss of friction, even under high pressure conditions.

The lubricant is able to withstand pressure up to 500,000 pounds-per-square-inch (34,438 bar), and its viscous nature gives it a high resistance to the effects of centrifugal force.

Rust and oxidation inhibitors are also incorporated into Chuck-eez® to minimise rusting.

* Chuck-eez® manufacturer’s survey.

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Remember: Failure to grease power chucks regularly can cause part ejection and serious injury.