Vigilance Engineering Safety Products



As a precision engineer you know that inadequate lubrication and failure to properly maintain your power chucks spells trouble.

Reduced part accuracies, inability to maintain concentricity, reduced tool and chuck life etc… these are all things that affect your productivity and performance.

They are all things that you can well do without!

Frequent use of chuck grease/lubrication and regular chuck maintenance not only results in trouble-free performance, it also means improved safety too.

Under UK Government legislation: The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998 power chuck safety, and the health and safety of operators setting-up and attending machines with power chucks, should be a primary concern for all manufacturers and machine tool users.

Ensuring that power chuck gripping forces, irrespective of rotational speeds employed, are checked and maintained regularly helps prevent possible injury caused by part ejection, avoids potential machine damage… and demonstrates good health and safety practice.

Fortunately both power chuck performance and power chuck safety can be addressed and solved simultaneously with Chuck-eez®: The power chuck grease.

Remember: Failure to grease power chucks regularly can cause part ejection and serious injury.